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Saturday, March 26, 2005
10:59 PM

heys i've moved

spoilt __` Saturday, March 19, 2005
10:08 AM

gosh, i haven blog for quite a while

today is a greee8t day.
went for 2grace outing at sentosa today!!
totally cool. hahah
we were playing some stupid volleyball game
cos we are dead volleyballers. haha

went into the sea.
man, swim swam and swum.
stupid gerald. kept pushing me into the water. i only got my revenge like ONCE?
wit the help of benny and douglas.
too bad, i hafta leave early.

darn late for work.
who cares.
closing wit vicky(wrong name for previous entry, oppsy i haf a poopsy)
and irving and aunty sim choy!!
my last day.
they sprayed whip cream at me.
vicky wanna gimme beanie. man, i shld have taken it. its cute. hahhaa
on the way hme. aunty sim choy told us ghost stories in bishan
beware, bishaners. hahahas.
suddenly, i dun feel like quitting.
definitely, gonna miss CBTL scotts.

~the end~

spoilt __` Sunday, March 13, 2005
3:45 PM

okay. today is a sunday.

im determined not to take any public transport today.
its burning a darn big hole in my pocket, esp when im staying in this darn place where there is no direct transport to town.

received a call from ricky. my AM from cbtl. he was like peiiyuuuuu. i alrd plan ur schedule for nxt week. how am i supposed to find replacement man.

but i was like huhh? i really dun wanna work and cant work anymore.
heyys. i didnt like give last min notice lah. i told my OM i was quitting one day after my results. so she was like this wk, ur last wk?? then i was like yahhhh...

then after tt, she BEGGED me to work for another wk. she said jus a few days. then i was ok lor.
ended up, i was working 5 days. its definitely not a few.

now, they called and ask me work another wk. wad kind of shit is this.
tell me whether i shld be pissed off.

nevertheless, the pple there are nice. haix. but im jus sick of working lah.

van, u r such a lucky ass. u got ur hands off ricky. he didnt pull u back. enjoying ur freedom huh?

im knitting. damn, its tedious. but its definitely cool. like u have something tt nobody will ever have. cos u made it URSELF. cool huh?

i nd to exercise. im falling sick.

the end.

spoilt __` Thursday, March 10, 2005
6:59 AM

i typed one whole entry and its GONE!



but, i gotta learn my lesson. my friends were right, im careless. plus, im bluuuuurrrr.

got a long lecture from my dad ysty. in his office. it was darn embarassing. hey dad, look at me. im sorry i cant be perfect.

but heck. he's my dad after all. and after those lectures. he bought me a new fone. he extended his line and gave me a new fone. thou i paid part of it. isnt he noble

right now, i more than determined to get my dad his dream fone for his bdae. im gonna saveeeee!!

drums was awesome. beats are cool.

i love beads. bought a long necklacce. totally kickass.
i love freshbox. bought 2 tees there.
vanessa godffrey rocks. hahas. im not even sure whether i got her surname right. its so long. stll got middle name which i totally forgot. hahahs.

gotta go. knitting hour.

spoilt __` Sunday, March 06, 2005
12:06 AM

i hate to take FORMAL photos.
it sucks biggggg time.
my sis graduation photos will turn out awful. seriously awful.

went to some gig at youthpark wit van.
other than doubleyellowline, we were yawning our way thru out
electrico still rock.
one really cool-looking guy was attached to cbtl.
he's really. COOL.
and he's quite gdlooking too. :)

finished knitting my pouch ysty.
love it. thou it look gross and untidy
skye sweetnam album is gooood.

cant bear to remove my braids.
man, wad shld i do?

spoilt __` Tuesday, March 01, 2005
9:33 PM

dude, im satisfied wit my results.

im debating whether to go jc or poly u noe...
its driving nuts can.

electrico rocks.

going out wit mom later

eating thai express later. yums. their tom yum. damn power. "MUST GO GIVE IT A TRY. damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn damn spicy" - red hot chilli pepper woman, ms ong peiyu.

hahaha. need to go shitting round 2. i tink only dot and chew understand. hahas


~the end~

spoilt __` Sunday, February 27, 2005
7:21 AM


-went to give and sign my farewell cards and pressies to my dear managers. they are really
good managers k. with them, can get loads of freebies.

-met up wit van to watch electrico. their first set. hahah. i love them. they are like the darn
coolest thing on earth

-walked to fareast

- van goes hme, met up with the burbs.

- went to watch the second set of electrico's performance. way cool.. took loads of cute photos.

- bloody ass. so many football fans at cineleisure. killing me! they dunno how to appreciate
electrico. :X saw lionel lewis, our supposingly very good looking national goalie. wah lau, he damn tall. not fair. gimme ur genes can?? pretty please with sprinkles on top??

- chewie is so unsupportive of them. the first thing she toks bout electrico is tt they are sweaty. hahah. but later on, she finds the lead singer hot... woohoo!

- janis must be over the moon now. desmond remembers her BIG name.

- amanda ling was a stunner on maa aid.

- william signed my drumsticks. wooooohhhhoooooo!!!

- went to get corn rows.

~the end~

spoilt __`

daa brat`


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